100% Free Music Download: Massive Base & Buri – Shapes of Variety EP

Cover Shapes of VarietyHello guys, servas, bonjour et benvenuto! Finally the time has come! Get our first EP in the same quality standard you are used to hear!  Listen to a fantastic combination of Dance & Handsup (this is where the guys Massive Base & Buri come from). And some new areas like hardstyle, trance and even pop music. 24 minutes full of power, harmony and emotions will grab you instantly. And the best:


But there is one thing left. When you like this EP, be so kind and support Massive Base & Buri. This album may not cost you anything, but it costed a lot of time next to several hundrets of Euros. If you like to hear more stuff like this, please support us. Thanks in advance.

And now: HAVE FUN when you are listening to the sounds of Massive Base & Buri!


Country: Austria
Genres: Hardstyle, Handsup, Pop, Trance, House
Quality: MP3, 320 kbps
Size: 59MB

Download Massive-Base-Buri-Shapes-of-Variety.zip – 59MB

Tracks Mixed


  • Massive Base & Buri – 01 – Intro
  • Massive Base & Buri – 02 – Meaning of Life
  • Massive Base & Buri – 03 – No love no pain
  • Massive Base & Buri – 04 – Awake all night
  • Massive Base & Buri – 05 – Sometimes it pops
  • Massive Base & Buri – 06 – Dance
  • Massive Base & Buri – 07 – The One
  • Massive Base & Buri – 08 – Feeling Free
  • Massive Base & Buri – 09 – Prelude



Intro: Arrangement & Mastering by  Steve Böttger
Meaning of Life: Idea by Dennis Junge, Steve Böttger; Text by Steve Böttger, Christoph Probst; Arrangement by Christoph Probst; Mastering by Steve Böttger
No Love no pain: Idea & Arrangement by Christoph Probst; Mastering by Steve Böttger
Awake all night: Idea & Arrangement: Christoph Probst, Steve Böttger; Mastering by Steve Böttger
Sometimes it pops: Vocal & Text by Anna Fay; Mastering by Steve Böttger
Dance: Idea: Michael Krüger; Production, Arrangement, Mastering by Steve Böttger
The One: Text by Steve Böttger & Christoph Probst; Arrangement: Christoph Probst; Mastering by Steve Böttger
Feeling Free: Idea, Arrangement by Christoph Probst; Mastering by Steve Böttger
Prelude: Idea, Arrangement by Christoph Probst; Mastering by Steve Böttger

Special Thanks to

  • Anna Fay for the great cooperation and support! Visit her at http://www.anna-fay.com
  • Dennis Junge a.k.a. D-Slide for being a good friend and great musician in the last 15 years
  • Silvi for supporting Massive Base & Buri  ❤
  • My Neighbours Denise and Joe for accepting different hardstyle noises several months ago
  • Christoph for being such a great guy and friend all over the time!
  • ALL OF YOU who support Massive Base & Buri and makng this project as fabulous at it is